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MUGEN Characters


Ratchet & Clank



This character was my friend and I's first attempt at actual character creating. I know that some of their sprites are in JPEG format, but there was not many sprites from the mobile game properly ripped back when I was making them. It was basically a KFM spriteswap with some modifications, such as a projectile attack. The sprites are fully ripped by now, so you are free to make your own!

But just to let anyone who's reading this now, I am currently fixing his trash and reworking this character with actual ripped sprites this time! I also plan to include better sounds too!



The Crash Bandicoot character you probably know about was actually "created" by Evan as well, even though the author was credited towards me. If I recall correctly, it was a spriteswap of a Homer Simpson character (the one that used sprites from Konami's arcade game, not Warner's). I know it sucks, and I apologize for those who did not enjoy this character. We were like in middle school back then, rofl!

Alongside the Ratchet character, he is also currently being fixed!


I only recommend downloading if you are a collector, regardless of quality. I hope you'll enjoy the complete versions of these characters once they are released!